Faculty of Business and Technologies

The faculty strives to provide the opportunities to gain education, which meets world-wide recognized, modern standards; to train competitive and highly- qualified specialists at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs; to create student-centered academic environment, provide academic freedom and ensure student competitiveness on international employment market.

Students are offered programs at three educational stages:

  • Bachelor’s Programs
  • Master’s Programs
  • Doctoral Programs

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor’s programs are designed in compliance with the academic requirements and are focused on entrepreneurship-based teaching. The programs are aimed at promoting innovative potential of students of any discipline, developing entrepreneurial and management skills and adapting them to local and international markets. Through Bachelor’s programs students will develop practical skills, which will enable them to quickly adapt to the environment and get employed. The Bachelor’s program includes two concentrations:

  • Business Administration
  • Information Technologies

In addition, through minor program, the student of Business Administration will learn Information Technologies, whereas the student of Information Technologies will learn major functional issues of Business Administration, through minor program. Through Business Administration program Bachelor’s students are offered two concentrations:

  • Management
  • Finance

Through Information Technologies program, Bachelor’s students are offered the following concentration:

  • Information Technologies

According to the curriculum, the student of Business Administration gains basic knowledge in Information Technologies through minor program. Whereas the student of Information Technologies acquires basic knowledge in Business Administration through minor program.


Master’s program helps students gain profound knowledge in business administration and modern technologies, to enable them run business successfully. The program is unique by its character, as it is the synthesis of business administration and information technologies. The program enables graduates to apply gained knowledge and skills, start and run innovative business, introduce modern technologies in business processes and be competitive not only in Georgia but also beyond the borders. Master’s program offers the following concentration:

  • Business Administration and Modern Technologies


The aim of the Doctoral program is to train professionals, who are able to carry out innovative researches in business, based on modern methodologies. The aim of the research is to extend existing knowledge and create new knowledge. Doctoral program offers the following concentration:

  • Business Administration