Rector's Welcome Speech


It is great responsibility for me  to be the rector of the most innovative and fast-growing university in Georgia.

The aim of establishing a university within the  first private high technology space in the region, Silicon Velley Tbilisi was to create unique educational experience, demonstrate the potential of Georgia through sharing scientific work, innovative ideas and technologies and to position on the global markets.

The university strives to support the social-economic advancement of the country through preparing highly qualified professionals, who have not only professional competences but also  personal qualities, such as leadership, entrepreneurial skills, social responsibility, management skills and culture. 

To achieve these aims, Business and Technology University has implemented a number of unprecedented programs for Georgia since 2016.  Our vision has turned out to be very interesting for the world leading organizations and partnership with these organizations has brought trust, recognition   and good reputation to our university among international society in a short period of time.

Today, Business and Technology University makes a statement, that  it will significantly support entrepreneurial ecosystem of Georgia. Our objective is to provide new generation with knowledge, skills and opportunities to generate, research, develop and implement innovative ideas on local as well as global markets.

The ongoing processes at our university are aimed at forming innovative, technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. The main source of innovation is and will always be entrepreneurship – as an opportunity for career development.

Since Business and Technology University was established, I have been a member of the team, whose aim is to form educational space, which meets western standards.  The policy of our university will be focused on integration in European space and will be based on the recommendations of the Council of Europe concerning the key aspects, owning which is the criteria for  the quality of education.

Personal and interpersonal competences and responsibilities are the key factors, which contribute to realization of the skill and desire of getting continuous education throughout the whole life, self-realization in the society and undertaking of successful professional and public activities.

Fourth industrial revolution has created great challenges for the system of education. Digital transformation and technological achievements have affected all the industries. Therefore, the demands of education and labor market have changed. The structure of education demands technological evolution, which will give an opportunity to address volatile environment.

This is the reason why it is crucial to integrate interdisciplinary and complex approach into educational and research process, as it is not enough to gain and develop knowledge only in one specific concentration. University is greatly interested in creating digital educational platform, which will be a significant step in formation of the future of higher education in Georgia.

The fact that  educational product of the university is consumed not only by each student but also by the whole society, lays the responsibility on the university in  terms of the quality of education: integration in educational space of Europe, creation of the programs which meet the requirements of labour and educational market and harmonization with the programs of foreign partner establishments of the university, continuous enhancement of education quality, facilitation of modern infrastructure, creation of technical equipment and updated educational resources, involvement of the academic staff of the university in scientific processes and implementation of international programs focused on improvement of their qualification, encourage cooperation with scientists and research institutes, initiation and implementation of applied, problem-oriented, interdisciplinary researches.

The interest of students is and will always be the core of all the processes going on at Business and Technology University. In the shortest period, we will become the main strategic partner of big international corporations in Georgia.

Thank you for trust.

Meet you at Business and Technology University.


Nino Enukidze