Digitalized Zezva and Mzia

Within the framework of the cooperation between Business and Technology University and the National Museum of Georgia, the hominids  discovered in Dmanisi region, the remains of animals and stone  tools  are being digitalized and their original image is being restored in 3D format. 

The visitors to Dmanisi Museum have already had  the opportunity to  animate Zezva and Mzia in Augmented  Reality (AR) through the application created by the team of Business and Technology University.

The process of working on the project lasted for 6 months. The IT team and two students of Business and technology University were working on this application.

The first stage of the project has already been completed. The presentation of the replica of Zezva and Mzia has already been made. Besides, it is planned to integrate the 3D models of  the discovered artefacts in real environment and visualize them, according to their original locations.

The visitors to the museum will have an opportunity  to see the initial location of the artefacts discovered on the territory of Dmanisi Museum-Reserve.