Online Business Clinic

BTU Business Clinic continues to operate for startups and SMEs.



The clinic was established in response to the mission to support entrepreneurial ecosystem in Georgia and operates with the purpose of supporting and consulting entrepreneurs. The beneficiaries, can have online consultations about startup business models, strategic planning, digital transformation and digitalization of the processes, commercialization on international markets, access to finance and other problems for free.  The team of Online Business Clinic consists of academic and invited staff of Business and Technology University, local and British entrepreneurship experts and the representatives of the ecosystem partner organizations.

Online consultation will be held once a week and it will be led by Tamta Gvelesiani, Business and Technology University Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship.

Online consultations within the framework of Business Clinic will be held including May 2020 and will deal with the following issues:

  • Digitalization of business processes, providing distance services;
  • Strategic planning of startup management;
  • Planning startup business model, financial model planning;
  • Entrepreneurs’ access to finance, alternative ways of raising finance;
  • Planning and implementation of marketing strategies; local and international markets;
  • Other important issues related to the everyday activities of a startup.

Distance Trainings in Digital Marketing and Online Sales from BTU

The aim of the training is to support startups and SMEs in using digital marketing effectively to boost online sales of their products.

The trainings will be delivered on April 13 and 14 and it will be led by the cofounders of International Creative Agency ADM.

 Day 1  

• Difference between traditional and digital marketing
• How the algorithm of Facebook has changed since 2017
• Trends of 2020 on Facebook
• The type of posts and their meaning
• Instagram VS Facebook
• Digital marketing terms and their meaning
• Types of advertising 

Day 2

• How to make Facebook Shop and integrate it with WooCommerce
• How to install Facebook Pixel and what to use it for
• The way Google Ads works
• How to position a page in Google
• How to make a web page user- friendly
• What boosts online sales from the web page
• Facebook vs Google
• Recommendations for SEO optimization