Online Sessions

The online sessions in entrepreneurship, technologies and innovations integrate video blogs, avatar-based lectures, electronic readers and podcasts.

The avatar-based video lectures are prepared based on AI-based solutions provided by the company “SYSTEM.Corp”, established by the students of BTU.  

Online startup sessions are delivered with support of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency.

The project is especially important due to the current situation in the country and can contribute to the elimination of risks related to the spread of coronavirus.

 The online sessions are available for any interested person for free.

Successful startups, scientists, researchers, motivational speakers and trainers participate in startup sessions.


Topics of video blogs:

·         Entrepreneurship and the design of thought – Vamekh Kherkheulidze, Co-founder of Even Technologies;

·         Idea validation – Tamta Gvelesiani, Marketing Expert of Tbilisi City Hall Business Accelerator “Spark”;

·         Segmentation for startups – Dito Abuladze,;

·         Entrepreneurial thought – Mariam Lashkhi, Deputy Chairman of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency;

·         Creation of business model – Soso Galumashvili, managing partner of GEPRA;

·         Pitching to investors -Sandro Kandelaki, Head of Tbilisi City Hall Business Accelerator Spark;

·         Agile & Scrum method for startups, case about IT projects and products management – Maria Glonti, agile trainer, TBC Bank;

·         Fundraising and ways to access the finance – Giorgi Chugoshvili, Phubber app


·         Entrepreneurial thought and the essence of startup eco-system;

·         The definition of innovation, how innovation becomes a part of everyday life;

·         Copyright protection; 

·         Customer identification:

·         The design of thought;

·         Business model and value statement;

·         MVP, the methods of its validation;

·         Research as a method of validation;

·         Business types and the methods of analysis;

·         Startup product banding;

·         Key principles of team management;

·         Artificial intelligence;

·         Chatbot;

·         Big data;

·         Robots;

·         Block chain;

·         Cloud technologies;

·         Cybersecurity;

·         Cybercrime;

·         Voice assistant;

·         Internet of things;

·         Clever homes and cities;

·         Virtual reality;

Avatar Startup Sessions:

·         Entrepreneurial thought and the essence of startup eco-system; 

·         The design of thought;

·         Copyright protection;

·         Customer identification;

·         Business model and value statement;

·         Research as a tool of validation;

·         Startup product branding;

·         Market types and the methods of analysis;

·         The definition of innovation, how innovation becomes a part of everyday life;

·         Key principles of team management;

·         MVP, methods of its validation;


Additional material:

·         MIT Global Startup Lab program was implemented at Business and Technology University on 8-30 January, 2020. Part of the startup acceleration program used within the framework of the lab is available for all the interested people -   MIT, Entrepreneurship 101



·         In partnership with Microsoft, different hi-tech projects are implemented at the university, lab and educational materials are available. All the interested parties can have access to the part of materials and technological instruments - Microsoft, Azure

·         The new initiative of HP is to support entrepreneurial education and ecosystem, which is implemented through Life platform. The platform certifies the candidates and is open for any interested party - HP Life

·         Henley centre for entrepreneurship operates in the format of joint entrepreneurship centre in our space. The centre is on the top of the European rating and its mission and aims reflect those opportunities, which students have within the partnership with the centre. – origin, mission and aims.


·         Free video lessons of school program – Silknet home school

“Wednesday Webinars” is an initiative of USAID economic security program , which addresses global challenge and is an opportunity for business development in Georgia as well as in the whole world. 

·         10 things you should know about crisis communication in tourism – Hiu Hou and  Elise Michele, from Green Team Global

Additional opportunities for the students and lecturers of Business and Technology University


·         GitHub student pack – besides online storage and GITHUB platform, students can use more than 80 external services included in Github student pack for free and get a credit or other benefits for a specific period of time.

·         Autodesk education provides opportunity for students to get access to well-known software packages such as Maya, Revit, Civil 3d, 3Ds.Max, Fusion 360

·          Amazon Educate platform provides opportunity for students to take educational courses. They will also get 150$ credit for Amazon webservices and will be able to implement personal projects within the world cloud system.

       ·        JetBrains educational program enables students to use Premium products for free through special license. Products such as IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, Pycharm, PhpStorm, WebStormand others are also available.