British Educational Regional Hub

At Business and Technology University, within the framework of British Education Regional Hub established with the support of British Embassy in Georgia, BTU is already collaborating with five British universities.

Under the partnership, the students of BTU are given the opportunity to spend final academic year of their undergraduate program in the UK and receive a double diploma – from Georgian and British universities.

In British Education Regional Hub, joint projects in higher education are implemented by Georgian and UK educational systems.

British Education Regional Hub created on the basis of Silicon Valley Tbilisi, Business and Technology University gives the country a real opportunity to become a regional hub of British education, make British education accessible, prepare the employees who are in demand on the international job market and export them in the region, create new jobs.

Collaboration with British universities envisages the launch of joint educational projects with the involvement of British experts, the implementation of joint research and innovative, high-tech projects in Georgia, as well as integration of British learning materials in Georgian educational space.

Chichester University is the fifth partner British University within the British Education Regional Hub.  University of Reading/Henley Business School, Staffordshire University and  British accountancy organization - ACCA are among the existing partners.

The immediate plan of the British Education Regional Hub is to implement a joint media management certification program in partnership with Westminster University and train the people living in different regions of Georgia in digital technologies.


Chichester University diploma

Staffordshire University diploma

Henley Business School Flexible Executive MBA - information about the program