cyber security lab

Business and Technology University has had a Cyber Security Lab since 2017.

The laboratory holds meetings with students, people working in the field of technology and all those interested in cyber security throughout the academic year.

Sessions in Cyber Security are held in the Lab: 

1.      The use of Cyberspace in current conflicts – what does cyberwar threaten

2.       Cyberwar against Georgia- lessons learned

3.       Cyber Hygiene - passwords are like underwear...

4.       Strategy for Cyber Security – threats, problems, and solutions.

5.       Cyberbullying and “killer” games – how to protect adolescents. Guidelines for teachers and school security staff.

6.       Cybercrime in Georgian: modern trends, challenges, legislative gaps.

7.       Javelins, anti-missile systems or firewall…

8.       What a top manager should know about cybersecurity – cybersecurity for a small and medium-sized business: best practice, approaches, prospects.

9.       Mission impossible... problems of cyber security in Georgia

The majority of students of Business and Technology University are working on private startups, therefore it is crucial for them to be aware of startup cybersecurity -threats, mistakes, guidelines. Consequently, information meetings and masterclasses related to the above- mentioned issues are regularly held in the Lab.