Renewable Energy Lab

A renewable energy laboratory has been established at Business and Technology University. RES LAB reviews the challenges facing the companies operating in Georgian energy sector, conducts relevant research and holds consultations.

A discussion panel, has been set up within the lab, bringing together state and private institutions. The research outcomes, recommendations and the ways of their implementation in Georgia are regularly discussed in the format of panel meetings. 

Various organizations are gradually joining the laboratory.  The membership implies intellectual and academic partnership. Private companies, Energy Ombudsman, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development have already been interested in getting involved in lab activities.

The laboratory is a kind of a bridge between scientific work, private sector, government agencies and non-governmental organizations to discuss topical issues that are crucial in today’s Georgia or region.  As a result of the activities of the laboratory, a more tangible plan will be developed and we will have better achievements. Ultimately, all these will have a positive impact on the development of energy sector the country as well as the region.

The initiator of the Renewable Energy Lab is Maia Melikidze, a member of GNERC, representative of academic council of Business and Technology University.

The list of current studies within the framework of RES LAB

 (Research supervisor – Maia Melikidze)

1.      Shortage of electricity generation and one of the alternative ways of solving the problem – renewable energy resources..

(Solar energy)

2.  Renewable energy resources in Georgia and the world – state strategy and concession system which can be applied to organizations that switch to renewable energy consumption

3.  Top 3 industries/sectors in Georgia, which have a prospect  of implementing renewable energy resources. 

4. Risks and benefits of energy market liberalization for business.

5. Legal aspects of implementing renewable energy resources in Georgia.