Business Incubator

Business Incubator/supporting the startups at research and development stage, for (R&D) startups.

The purpose of the business incubator is to support the selected startups in research and development and to offer the mentorship program they need.

The potential beneficiary of the Business Incubator program can become any person or startup, who already has an innovative idea and wants to use BTU infrastructure to develop and prototype it, receive qualified advice, undergo trainings, and participate in different announced activities.

The startup incubation period is defined as five months and will last until May 2020, except in special cases when the university makes individual decision to extend or terminate the incubation prematurely.

Those who are interested in joining Business Incubator program please register at the following link

The  student/teams, selected under Business Incubator program, will be eligible for the following programs:

✔       Business Clinic

Business Clinic was established in response to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Support Mission in Georgia and its aim is to provide consulting service and support to the entrepreneurs. Any interested party can get advice on entrepreneurship-related issues, including business plan development, marketing strategy planning, or access to finance.

Any interested person can schedule an initial 30-minute consultation, after which a potential plan of meetings will be scheduled.

The meetings under Business Clinic program will be held including May, 2020.

✔        Winter & Spring Boot Camp of 2020

The startups will work together with their mentors on the perfection of their ideas, business plan, pitch, and presentation during the intensive sessions. After completion of the Boot Camp, the startups will prepare a video pitch, through which they will have an opportunity to participate in the competition of local ideas. The winner startupers will travel to London, undergo intensive training, and participate in international competition. The competition offers cash prize as well as an opportunity to meet investors. The Boot Campers will also participate in Demo Day and present a pitch to investors and venture capital funds. 

✔        Demo Day

The selected participants of winter and spring Boot Camp will participate in Startup Demo Day.

Upon completion of the incubation, the teams should have a prototype of a created product, a business plan, and an investment proposal. On Damo Day the teams will present themselves to investors, potential partner large companies, or other interested organizations to raise finance and get technical support.