Winner of the Startup Status

Team members: Tina Donadze, Keta Chigvinadze, Salome Napetvaridze

MUZA is an application that makes museum visiting process fun and interactive by integrating gamification elements into existing exhibitions. Today visitors’ lack of engagement in museums negatively impacts the quality of their historical and cultural knowledge. It is especially hard to interest younger customers with traditional approaches, because of the digitalization and simplification of their everyday lives. It is scientifically proven that learning by playing is crucial for children’s education. With MUZA visitors can interact with exhibits, play trivia and get quizzes. It also avoids chaos by tracking speed. There’s a realtime leaderboard to motivate players. Anyone can play MUZA : students, their parents and teachers, people who are open to innovations and love adventure. The app can become lovable for tourists who want to explore the ancient stories and legends of our country. MUZA is a fun way to restore the connection between history and new generation.