Scientific Research Priorities
15 JULY 2020

The research priorities of Business and Technology University are mainly focused on enhancing applied research and their further commercialization, stimulating techno transfers and supporting the development of the key areas for the country.

In this regard, the university focuses on supporting the following  research projects:

Initiative 5.0

The aim of Initiative 0.5 is to stimulate the digital economy  in the country, to integrate technologies in the strategic sectors of the economy  and to support the development of an innovative ecosystem. In the year when the University was established, at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, the new era of the fourth industrial revolution was first announced, which would cause the rapid change of the world using AI, Internet of Things, biotechnologies, virtual reality and other technological advancements. Our vision is based on this principle: to integrate technology in education and economics and this way support the sustainable  development of different fields in Georgia.

Initiative 5.0 defines the content of all ongoing projects, research and institutional development programs at Business and Technology University and the aim that all these activities will be focused on enhancing the digital economy in the country, achieving Georgia’s digital dominance in the region and stimulating the integration of technologies in the advanced sectors.


To achieve this goal, with the involvement of the international partners, we are launching large-scale projects and research work in the following sectors: financial technologies (Fintech), agricultural technologies (Agritech), healthcare technologies (Healthtech), educational technologies (Edutech), green technologies (Greentech), female technologies (Femtech), legal technologies (Legaltech), cultural technologies (Culturetech), deep technologies (Deeptech), media technologies (Mediatech), etc.

Artificial Intelligence and digital governance

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in certain industries  has become  especially important in the modern world. The use of artificial intelligence in digital governance is particularly important in this regard. Georgia, which strives to be the leader in the development of digital technologies in the region and its implementation in public governance, needs a National Strategy for Artificial intelligence. In this regard, interdisciplinary scientific research is actively implemented at the university. A new doctoral program is planned to be launched in the near future following the completion of the procedures set out by law, which will be the first precedent not only in the region but also in Eastern Europe. The project is implemented in partnership with Leiden University (the Netherlands) and  active cooperation with the UN National Centre for AI and Robotics.

Research is underway to plan Georgia’s potential in terms of renewable energy. Preliminary results of the study showed the extent to which renewable energy resources are used for the purpose of achieving economic progress. The study results have already been published in foreign research edition Journal of Environmental Science and Renewable Resources, under the headline “Renewable Energy Potential and Its Utilization in Georgia”

Joint research projects are planned to be implemented in partnership with German colleagues.

Furthermore, separate studies on the development of solar and wind power plants are planned to be carried out in Georgia, being the country with renewable energy potential.

In addition, the university has established a unique AI University in the region, which supports the development of international partnership and internationalization of AI and digital governance projects as well as ongoing research conducted within the doctoral program.

In addition to the above priority areas of research, additional research interests at the university include issues related to rail freight and logistics, cybersecurity, digital entrepreneurship, digital economics and innovative technologies used in business. An entrepreneurship center was established at the university, within which a study of Georgian entrepreneurial ecosystem is carried out in collaboration with Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship. In the medium term, this will enhance the further commercialization of the applied research carried out at the university and help increase startup funding as well as improve technology transfers.