Current researches

The list of researches currently being carried out within the frame of RES LAB
(Research supervisor Maia Melikidze)  

1. Deficit of generating electric energy and one of the alternative ways ofsolving the problem – renewable energy resources (Solar energy)
2. Renewable energy resources in Georgia and the world – state strategy and tax incentives for the organizations which will switch to using renewable energy resources.
3. Top threeindustries/sectors in Georgia, which have prospect ofimplementing renewable energy resources
4. The risks and benefits of liberalization of energy market for business sector.
5.Legal aspects of implementing renewable energy resources in Georgia.

The list of researches currently being carried out within the framework of AI LAB

1.  Analysis of Semi-structured documents using AI (Research supervisors: Mikheil Kantaria, Giorgi Chakhnashvili)
2. The need for devising the national strategy for AI development in Georgia (Research supervisors: Marine Dgebuadze, Nino Enukidze)
3. Technological platform for education, as innovative teaching model for high schools (Research supervisors: Maia Noniashvili, Marine Dgebuadze)

The list of researches being carried out within the framework of Entrepreneurship Centre

1. Formation of innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem in education (Research supervisor: Nino Enukidze)
2. Study of the efficiency of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Georgia (Research supervisors: Mariam Lashkhi, Sopo Ogbaidze)

Researches in Digital Economy

Research on Human Capital Index- Calculation of human capital index can have multiple benefits. One the one hand, it will enable individuals to meet emerged challenges easily andevaluate the potential around them adequately.Simultaneously, based on accurately measured index, the state can select optimal policy. Besides, it gives good signal about the growth, development and competitiveness of the country.
(Research supervisor: Giorgi Bakradze)
Georgia and Digitalization (Research supervisor: Giorgi Bakradze)

The List of Planned Researches

1. Cybersecurity - Vectors and threats of modern attack (Research supervisor: Giorgi Tchokhonelidze)

Renewable energy resources and their impact on business (Research supervisor: Maia Melikidze)

. Implementation and application of digital technologies in educational processes at high schools of Georgia (Research Supervisor: Marine Dgebuadze)

Digital silk road – unified digital platform for supporting economic growth (Research supervisor Davit Gondauri)

Economic aspects of researches and development and its significance for Georgia (Research supervisor: Davit Gondauri)

The opportunities of using AI in different industrieson the model of Georgia (Research supervisor: Maia Noniashvili)

Detection of the grapevine diseases using AI algorithms (Research supervisors: Mikheil Kantaria, Giorgi Basilaia)

Research of cultural heritage monuments using the systems of digital monitoring (Research supervisor: Giorgi Basilaia)